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Alcohol Alcohol 49 1: HDB use was declared by The distribution of retired, active prescribing, and active non-prescribing physicians among the groups of uninvited, invited but non-responding, and invited and responding SFA members is shown in Table 2.

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Responses were received from Although HDB was perceived as more efficacious than approved drugs by Nonetheless, almost none of the prescribers had made a spontaneous report to the health security system, although reporting serious events is compulsory.

Eur Addict Res Results Table 1 lists the complete question tree of the survey and describes the response patterns of these questions.

Therefore, the response patterns could have been very different for private practice GPs, for whom addiction medicine does not constitute the primary activity but who might currently constitute the most important prescribers of HDB in France [27].

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Conversely, other physicians have chosen not to prescribe baclofen until an official approval has been delivered for it. Table 1 lists the complete question tree of the survey and describes the response patterns of these questions.

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Univariate analyses were performed to compare the features of responders, using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test for continuous variables and either the Chi-square or Fisher exact test for categorical variables. Non-prescribing SFA physician members were typically occupational physicians or physicians who exclusively worked in public health or in a research institute.

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Therefore, many participants in the survey, including HDB prescribers, reported some concerns regarding the management of the drug. Received December 31; Accepted April Case Report And Systematic Review. Repartitions of reported mean and maximum doses of baclofen used by prescribers of the survey. After an initial email invitation was sent on July 1,non-responders received two consecutive reminder emails on July 8 th and July 11 th. Repartition of active prescribing, active non-prescribing, and retired physicians within the groups of SFA members who were not invited to participate in the survey, who were invited but did not respond, and who were invited and participated.

Each prescriber has had to decide almost everything by themselves: Increasing the number of questions risked lowering the number of participants or responses.

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In total, alcohol specialists On-line survey among French alcohol specialists. The TRU are a new measure for regulating specific off-label drug uses in France [18].

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A majority of French alcohol specialists reported using HDB, although often on a limited number of their patients. Alcohol Alcohol 47 5: Some teams have even proposed the implementation of specific systems for cautiously monitoring patients under HDB and these teams systematically report adverse events to the pharmacovigilance system [17]. At this dose, the efficacy results of baclofen are contradictory, as two studies showed a significant benefit versus placebo [4][5]whereas another found no difference [6].