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In an early report, 5 infants were nursed during 7 to 10 days of maternal metoclopramide therapy at a dosage of 10 mg orally 3 times daily.

Is there anything we can take or do to increase milk supply? However, the opinions expressed in this section are those of individual writers and do not reflect the views of Heidi Murkoff of the What to Expect brand.

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One woman stopped metoclopramide 1 week prior to the expected delivery date and the other continued meoclopramide postpartum. Do not risk your health and chances of holding your baby for sake of keeping your milk up!

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They really really helped me stay motivated and helped me keep up my confidence. If so, what was your experience with it?

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Learn which items can bring relief to cracked nipples, leaking breasts, and other nursing challenges. How would the human race have survived this long if this were the case?

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It helped my milk increase and I went on to nurse my son for 7 months, which I felt was a success as a working mom. She experienced a serious side effect that only 1 in people do and ended up in the Emergency room. If you are exclusively pumping, you definitely need to pump every two hours, and at least once at night, preferably every Seventeen women who were part of a study of metoclopramide for enhancing lactation in mothers of premature infants had complete hour milk samples measured for metoclopramide.

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All of them had significant increases in their milk supply, and few if any side effects. After research, I abruptly quit taking reglan, things slowly went back to normal. Metoclopramide use while Breastfeeding Drugs containing Metoclopramide: Every now and then I would just let my son nap on me, close to my chest.

Calculate my due date Calculate my due date First day of your last period. Balikci A, Balibey H.

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They no longer sell it in the US so I had to get it out of the country. This difference of about 20 mL per day persisted until the end of the study on day 10 when the treated group pumped mL and the placebo group pumped mL.

Metoclopramide Levels and Effects while Breastfeeding

No difference in daily milk volumes between the two groups occurred until day 7 postpartum, when treated mothers pumped an average of mL compared with mL in the mothers receiving placebo. My doctor told me to come in immediately and told me that I had a reaction to the Reglan and that anxiety and everything I was feeling was a side effect of it.

It maybe that she wasnt metabolizing it well. I did not have any side-effects from the Reglan, except for getting a little more tired than usual or maybe that was due to the lack of sleep caring for my baby.