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Also it's been known to doctors that people many people with LS also have diabetes. There are many reasons for this: Comment Vote up Report. When they are used like this there is rarely any problem. I scratched so much in the beginningthat I have so much damage caused down there until I found the trick to not letting the LS get active. How It Works Vaginal antifungal medicine kills yeast cells by destroying their cell membranes. Many cases of generalized vulvodynia and localized vulvodynia vestibulodynia are mistakenly attributed to yeast infection, pudendal neuralgia, Using all the creams and ointments always seems to make it worse after frequent use.

It is obviously a real disorder and one that needs to be taken very seriously.

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You just have to know which ones are weak, medium and strong. I must say, it is refreshing to know I am not alone. Arm yourself with these best options for tackling insistent infection. It seems as if this occurs in women the their early 30's. You must sign in to view your friends. You will notice when you look at the ingredients of a cortisone cream that they usually come as one of these two strengths: Hi ya, my daughter has been diagnosed with LS without a biopsy, it was just very obvious.

It gets better and better like I'm a fiend on drugs!!

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I am now taking cranberry pills and lots of water due to the burning sensation when I go pee. I have the exact same thing! Just a shot in the dark here but since ive had my son nearly 10 years ago ive had contraception that basically stops my periods i know it sounds odd could my body think im in the menopause?

I had an allergy strip test only thing we found is allergy to nickel. Do not use on skin areas that may rub or touch together. So I blow dry the area, change underwear more than often and turn up the air conditioning.

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Healthwise, Incorporated disclaims any warranty or liability for your use of this information. Strong cortisones that are used to treat vulval disease include: It is not to be applied to thin skin nor to areas where there are folds in the skin. Make the medical community take notice and demand answers! I was even starting to blame it on my husband and wondering if he had been fooling around.

Are cortisone creams safe? She gave me steroid cream and i put it on when it starts to itch and it gets rid of it for a while but i forget to keep using it.