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I started taking this at 27 mg back in October.

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He's bumping me over to Concerta because they say that can't up my dosage on Mydayis although at first they said they would be able to but now they're saying that I'd have to wait 30 days for an up in dose- which isn't really feasible so they're just switching me to Concerta now at a higher dose.

The teachers and I decided I would fetch him half an hour earlier from school so that the drop off could be dealt with calmly at home.

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Handelman, thank you for this Blog. I think many of the teens you hear who sadly pass away taking crazy risks or those with this disorder, and the 25 year olds who end up in motorcycle crashes, MAY also be the same with this disorder.

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My 16 year old daughter started 18 mg Concerta this morning. Will the Ritalin help or possible hinder? I am 24 years old a single parent to my 5 year old daughter. I find I can get any to all of these feelings as the medication reaches the end of its therapeutic range and often on far past it at the higher doses. Most people, especially teenagers do not rely on a healthy eating life style…probably most Americans.

But the Concerta 27 is working and I thank you for your Blog about the 2 together and for your work in Medicine. My son the have ADHD and ODD was taking concerta 27mg in the Morning and retalin 5mg at 4pm and the meds they did not work for hem he was getting more agresive in one whole week he did not did good at school was hitting his teacher and bite her and the kids from his class totaly out of cantrole cause the meds were not working how its sopose to work on him now he is on other the i hope they work on him talk to yyou son doctor to see if they come with a good plan with you son and the best for hem good luck.

I personally feel this disorder is a very serious one and also that it needs to be seen in a very different light by society than it currently does. From the 12th hour to the 14th hour, my meds are actually on low activity, but enough not to be totally depleted from my meds. I am afraid to take the new 36mg rx because I do not want to be zombie like again.

My son is on concerts 27milg er ritialn 5 mil zoloft 2 times a day clondine.

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I tried ritalin but it made be feel sick so I went off it. I am nervous about adding another medicine but he can tell the concerts helps him at school. I have been on concerta for four year. My son is 13 and in the 8th grade. I was trained as a biochemist and later got a Ph.

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Much like I was back in school but I never received the help of mess back then! His teacher called yesterday and wants me to come talk about setting up an IEP. It was as though her confidence and IQ had jumped a standard deviation or more overnight.

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So anyone have any experience switching or experiences with one compared to the other? The medication also heighten my attention span to help me focus on topics at present in classes and around the kitchen table at home with my family.