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Be warned though, occasionally children have a paradoxical reaction to Benadryl, which means it can make them hyper and alert. Make sure you're giving him the dye-free version.


Hope he feels better soon! You can get it without the dye. For generations, this trusty over-the-counter antihistamine has helped to dry up snot, calm angry baby rashes, quiet sneezes and diffuse a slew of other pesky symptoms that erupt with allergies.

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The Right Age for Children’s Benadryl

Many children get very drowsy and sleepy after taking a dose. He takes it once or twice a day depending on how bad it is. Never overdose your child on Benadryl. Check your inbox for an e-mail with a link to download the recipes.

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If your child is experiencing his first allergic reaction to something, no matter how minor, contact your pediatrician. He had a pretty nasty allergic reaction to something we ate a few weeks ago and after giving him the dose on the bottle and the reaction continuing to get more severe itchy lips and tongue I took him to the ER.

It's labeled for over 4 yrs old I think but used a half dose. How to Naturally Treat Hives. One pharmacy teaspoon is equal to 5 milliliters mLs. Created by traycemoore Last post 4 months ago.

Now he can have Nasonex. It helps itchy, runny or sneezy little noses—often due to hay fever or other upper respiratory symptoms—feel almost like normal again. I suggest speaking with your doctor. But because of its potentially serious side effects, such as significant sedation, Benadryl is best as a short-term solution.

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Children's Benadryl Side Effects. August Babies Acetaminophen comes in a rectal suppository form Feverall that is useful when a child is vomiting or cannot tolerate oral medication.

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I have heard of Benadryl having opposite or no reaction to little children. I would call your dr and ask them for your son's dosage by weight. To help treat insect bites and stings, Burgert says.