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Do whatever you need to do to feel most okay Antidepressants have seemed never to work for me or made me even more anxious. I was ill for roughly three weeks when I started the dose you're on now.

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Hi Bobby interesting to hear that you are in a similar stage to me. I'm also all congested in the ears which is not helping or clearing one thing after snother lol.


Never miss a story from Iodinewhen you sign up for Medium. I have been on this drug for at least 3 years,It has change my life for the better.

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I am a million bucks now at almost 7 weeks. Im 8 weeks into it now on 50mgs and its helped me alot for anxiety and social anxiety. I've never had an ambulance come to me before but hey if it helps it doesn't matter!! There seems to be quite a few good ones on there. I tried it without tablets for a few months but the anxiety issues did not settle down so I asked to go on some different tablets.

Let me know what you decide to do and if you want to chat I'm here xx Report this.

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I know where u coming from hun I seem to calm down Ard tea time and feel quite normal and can eat something then go to bed and I've been awake since 4am with anxiety but not as bad as it was but I'm 6wks 4 days on mine I'd say I didn't start to feel any let up in anxiety till abt wk 5 x. Immune system disorders - angioedema. I love listening to true crime podcasts Casefile and Sword and Scale and my favourite radio show Kate, Time and Marty just nice to have on in the background, I dont listen to every detail but does help distract me for short bursts of time.

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Some pages may not appear or function as intended. I would just wait and see what the doctor suggests about you upping the dose By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to its use of cookies. She ended up hospitalized because it was way too much too fast.

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By Trevor Mitchell Started 3 minutes ago. I increasingly isolated myself and avoided being "trapped", wouldn't fly and even avoided going to the barber.

Hi nine I'm just approaching 5wks and still getting anxiety but last couple of days havnt been as bad but I know what u mean it's one horrible road these tablets with the side effects Report this.

Thanks, Christine, x Report this.

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I felt absolutely terrible in every way for a fortnight. This lady at the W-2 program seen how depressed I was, trying to keep up with the 2 babies and suggested I apply for disability. Did you have any side effects in the first couple of days of 25mm?

Hi Jane I'm ready to give up none of the tranquilisers work I rang yesterday to see if I could go back on lorazapam but still feel no better do I ring them again for more advice on which to take.