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Telling someone you may have given them herpes. Some people follow the one minute cure protocol, while others make up their own. I really need more votes for the petition, even if you don't agree, please take a moment to sign, we need to be rid off this virus forever. I found the book, its called "Never an Outbreak".

So, if these research programs are being granted enough money to develop a vaccine to prevent HSV1 and HSV2 then it's obvious these drug companies will lose billions of dollars from antivirals. My husband and I keep reinfecting each other lol, it's terrible. I heard all the same arguments I have heard for the past 16 years. Finally after about 3 yrs I started to look into 'alternative' treatments. By Tense Started October Therefore, a need existed to provide a method for treating herpes simplex virus that will allow medication to penetrate the skin and that will accelerate the healing process of a cold sore.

So how can one assist their immune system? God can do anything but FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you know what is going on under the hood and the mechanic knows it you are less likely going to be taken advantage of. If you will not list your real name here and let it be documented you know darn good and well there will be no one else doing it either.

If you do not know how to cure herpes, you have no influence whatsoever in how the drug companies, universities or hospitals run their businesses.

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Why don't you send some more donations to Duke and University of Florida and tell yourself you are not deluded. The people reading this who do have herpes do typically have nail fungus and believe me they are very interested in why they have nail fungus and herpes at the same time and why so many with herpes have nail fungus and why so many with nail fungus have herpes.

Jay and others who protect this grotesque racket are now attacking me when I do not take money from anyone unless they are cured and know they are cured while they sit and beg here for more and more money. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Thank you for your participation.

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It may not be a major priority to big pharma, but they wouldn't choose to not cure it. A year ago I decided to seach for the herpes cure, bc I too believe there is one somewhere in this world. If my comments get edited or deleted through CNN moderators it will be the next big news story. You'll need to get fans through different means! Got some scary blood results back?

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So basically, herpes will be infecting humans forever, whether there is a cure or not. It's for a good cause, we care about the health of future generations aswell as all the existing sufferers. So the possibility of him being the one I got it from is there. I just mean to say money makes the world go round.