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As the petals of our lotus potential open to reveal the shining jewel of clarity within, the possibility for the flowering of profound love may unfold. Brings the gentler human qualities into focus - for example, intuition, empathy, and receptivity.

Pink / Clear

The four colour combinations that make up your unique personal colour code contain energies and messages for your particular life story. Available in 50ml glass bottles. Other ways of working with Equilibrium include a daily focus on the mysteries and meanings of certain bottles and their colour energies, as well as the correspondences of the colours and colour combinations to other mystery traditions - such as numerology, Tarot and the Kabbalah work with the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life.

As the collaboration between our conscious and unconscious increases, more of our totality comes into being - which is represented by the shake-to colour of the bottle. Ability to bring light to others. Brings discernment and the ability to give care and love to oneself. It is very helpful as you consider each colour combination to remember the relationship between the upper conscious and lower unconscious colours: Interacting with them helps you to progress from karma as you sow so shall you reap to dharma the quality of caring that you bring to whatever you dohelping to lift you out of the repetition of conditioned patterns.

Apply around the body in the lower abdominal area. Encourages the person to look within and to cope with what one finds there, in a loving, non-judgemental way. Or, you may choose your bottles here and have the option of working remotely with a consultant or learning more with The Aura-Soma Sourcebook or other supporting materials. It is then recommended that you have a consultation with a trained Aura-Soma Consultant who will support you in choosing the most appropriate bottle to continue your on-going work toward balance, harmony and bringing more of your totality into being.

Antihistamines and ibuprofen

Pour into palm of hand and apply in a band around body, either guided by your intuition or where indicated according to the chakra attributions, thus absorbing the energetic vibrations.

Remove the cap, and hold the bottle in your left hand, thumb underneath the base, second finger on the top of the bottle and first and third fingers on the shoulders of the bottle. Finds it especially difficult to care for their own needs and suffers from that. A person who has a lot of love, empathy, intuition, and creativity.

Equilibrium | 50ml

Around the lower abdomen. Aura Soma Equilibrium Bottle Releases emotional irritations, especially those related to the feeling of not being loved. Through self-acceptance, warmth and caring pinkour waters emotions may become clear, and we may begin to understand and even feel gratitude for our suffering.

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Assists in overcoming irrational mental irritations. Keynotes Qualities Taking responsibility for the thoughts and the feelings opens the door to the power of love. Does not want to look within.

A very powerful bottle. Click here to determine your personal colour code. Harahel Where to Apply: