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November 9, at 3: I am very moody. In the first year I can recall having tingling in my fingers but that went away after my body adjusted to the drug.

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Natural supplements that may help to prevent your migraines include vitamin B 2magnesium, feverfew, coenzyme Q 10and butterbur root Petasites hybridus. May 11, at 9: Oh, and my ears get red and hot about two or three times per week.

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Because then what happens is people like me have to suffer for years and years until some non-idiot Dr. Yesterday I went to the ER because of heart palpatations. For probably 30 years or more, my dad has been a pill-popper. I used to have a migraine about every week and a half to two weeks.

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If the topiramate is helping you though, I would hate to see you discard a helpful drug unless they are reasonably sure that is the culprit. Not all doctors are right for every patient and vice versa.

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They last for months with killer migraines a day. My doctor was convinced the Feldene had given me an ulcer, but the test results came back negative. The problems I am having are awful.

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I affected my mood, anxiety, I started slurring my speach and my muscles got really weak. I've mentioned that I never had headaches with 50mg and asked if I could back to 50mg Topiramate and the Dr. So its not a bad start. In reply to January 17 comment of trying a naturopath for supplements and essential oils.

I would like to try that. But so far, nothing has helped me. The daily pain and the bowel distress is causing my life to grind to a halt. A year seems like a long time to have rebound headaches.