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Drink lots of liquids. My OB was the one that prescribed the Tamiflu to me but I still am concerned if it is definitely safe. Looking after yourself and your family is the most important thing! Tamiflu oseltamivir interacts with 7 other drugs. Sign In or Register.

7 Answers on Tamiflu: Is It Best to Help You Fight Flu?

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Common Questions and Answers about Taking tamiflu and tylenol. The doctor prescribed me tamifluof which I took for two days, but developed diarrhea, and subsequently discontinued.

Do not stop taking the medications without a physician's advice. Right now I'm on my 3rd dose of prednisone 4 a day x 3 days2 a day x 4 days and taking hydroxizine at night and zyrtec and plaquenil in the morning. I felt like one of those military trucks ran me over and flattened me out.

Med team thought that the most it would do is to shorten my flu by a day or 2 Will see what liver doc says tomorrow Thanks everyone for all your concern and good suggestions Off to bed! My daughter has been on antibiotics 5 times in 8 months, she is only 15 months old.

I came down with flu symptoms Tuesday night.

Common Questions and Answers about Taking tamiflu and tylenol

Most people who get H1N1 are sick for a few days, take some tamiflu and some antibiotics to prevent other infections and are fine. They got tamiflu and it wiped it out pretty quickly, but it does seem to be a respiratory virus which is what makes it so deadly. I have had several noticable bouts of the angiodema that made me look like something out of a Star Wars bar scene.

Consumer Questions and Answers - fda. Can cough and congestion DM Max be taken when taking Tamiflu?

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We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. Personally, I don't agree, I don't think people should make pork a big part of there diet but i don't think anyone is going to be suffering from eating a little bit of pork here and there.

I stayed away from most people and social situations as much as possible while treating. Nomi, tempi, gare e classifiche dei maratoneti italiani a cura di Correre. Can my child take benadryl and tamiflu togther?