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I went to my doctor this morning and the switch is going to be slow, I am starting at 20mg paxil and the first step will be going up to 75mg Effexor. Top Mood Disorders Answerers. You need to be prepared to go through a long journey which could be a year, worst case scenario. I forgot to report that 1 Our Schnauzer got well.

I have been on 29 mg of paxil for a little over 3 years. Still looking for answers? As well remember that it is very unlikely that a Dr.

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Given that you are going to put Paxil and Welbutrine in place of the Effexor, your withdrawl from the Effexor should be much more tolerable then say, someone just stopping Effexor and not replacing it with another AD medication. You must sign in to view your friends.

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This is certainly a switch. He is really worried about the dog. So my doctor prescribed 0.

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It's been too much so my MD is switching me to I do not use drugs of any kind aside from this and Im a little nervous about starting something new. Thus no fear of interaction. He believes if it hadn't been for the medicine he wouldn't be here right now.

Suicidal thoughts or behavior. I took a "semi" nap and felt better.

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It is a fine medicine that can be used safely, it just needs a very gradual, slow taper when one goes off of it. By Carsonmos Started 7 hours ago. I bought a heating pad the next day and he used that, but the third night he begged for the hot moist towels again and my attention. Unfortunatley I went back down hill. Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition. Sign In Sign Up.

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PS He loves motorcycling and bicycling and playing the guitar and banjo! I had very bad withdrawl from it. Is it safe to take both pills at once? Hey guys, I have been on Paxil for around 12 years.