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New drugs against turberculosis: Quand ne pas appliquer le traitement standard de la tuberculose maladie?

MYAMBUTOL : sa posologie

Isoniazid may cause hepatic toxicity and an also be an asue of peripheral neuropathy. Risk factors for hepatotoxicity from antituberculosis drugs: Quatre facteurs favorisent ces manifestations: This work describes the adverse events of different antibiotic medications so that, on an individual basis they can be anticipated and appropriately managed.

Rifampin is a strong hepatic enzyme inducer and can be responsible for severe immunoallergic reactions in the case of interrupted treatment. Once daily aminoglycoside therapy: A therapeutic strategy has been standardised which calls for the use of four antibiotics. Rev Mal Respir ;14 suppl 5: Tuberculosis, an infectious disease which is curable by following a course of antibiotics, remains a major public health issue on a global scale.

Adverse effects of tuberculosis treatment: Rev Mal Respir ;21 suppl 3: Ethambutol can be responsible for severe ocular toxicity. Encycl Med Chir Paris, France.

Acute renal failure due to rifampicin: Both older antituberculous medications and new generation antibiotic medications used for the treatment of resistant bacilli can also be the source of adverse events.

Pyrazinamide sometimes results in severe hepatotoxicity. Gatifloxacin produces both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia: Chambonnet bA. Boussekey N, Alfandaris S.

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A rare case of streptomycin-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis with tuberculosis: The treatment of tuberculosis is standardised but the decision to treat it is inseparable from the evaluation of possible side effects which require assessment prior to the initiation of therapy and close monitoring during treatment which includes ensuring that patients are aware of and vigilant for potential problems.

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Hypersensitivity reactions to rifampicin. Rev Mal Respir ;21 3: Haut de page - Plan de l'article.