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I'm a believer in Milk Thistle.

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I was on pain meds for 10 years taking anywhere from 12 to 15 in the last years of my using, I have been clean 11 mths now and my liver has checked out fine. I am glad you're thinking of quitting.

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Vicodin tolerance occurs when the current dose no longer produces an effect on the body, whether that effect is pain management or an intentional high. The typical history is of a patient who began taking more than the prescribed number of pills over several days, attempting to achieve more of an opiate effect and leading secondarily and unintentionally to an overdose of acetaminophen. The second is that abusers may use intentionally couple Vicodin with alcohol for a greater effect, but that combination is especially damaging to the liver.

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The recommended daily maximum dosage of acetaminophen is 4 grams per day for adults Liver toxicity overdose can occur at between 7 and 10 grams per day for adults depending on weight Chronic alcohol use can lower the threshold for liver toxicity Symptoms of Acute Liver Damage Taking too much acetaminophen, even once, can result in overdose.

The combination of hydrocodone with acetaminophen or other products helps to prevent its recreational use and administration by injection. I have always considered Vicodin as my "get stuff done" drug. Call our toll-free number to seek help for Vicodin abuse.

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My family has no idea and would be so confused if I had liver failure. That's what this forum is all about.

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I plowed handfulls of vics and percs for the last decade. The results came back fine and this was during active use. I have been a user now for about 5 years now and Prolly like everyone else I started with only 1 or 2 and it was only a day or two out of the week. This disorder is a result of the slowing down of the bowel function. Hepatotoxicity Despite wide scale use for many decades, hydrocodone by itself has not been convincingly linked to instances of clinically apparent acute liver injury.

The Recommended Dose of Milk Thistle. Chronic use of painkillers for years can have a directly damaging effect on the kidneys, leading to the need for dialysis or transplant. Then you will have the opportunity to share your story on your very own thread! I know I need to go get my liver checked but I am scared to death.

Be sure to stick around and lean on us when you are ready to quit. As many as 50, people are rushed to emergency rooms each year as a result, with more than dying. It will help stop your worries. Both of these active ingredients are analgesics painkillers.

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