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When you get up out of bed, you're waking yourself more. They don't build up in the plasma, like Klonopin, which is a benzo that is better suited for more long term use. ALL of our 5 senses affect our mood, and also our sleep. An hour is the perfect amount of time for a refresher. Each taper should be medically supervised.

Whether it keeps you asleep,I am not sure. Any suggestions are welcome. I take 2mg to sleep. Light soothing music or white noise machines for LOW not blaring background noise can be helpful. I am a very high strung anxious person who is also depressed. I am trying so hard, but thru all Hey guys - I am currently due to go on holiday to Fiji from New Zealand in 3 weeks. Put each dose into these time slots. I am 70 years of age and am frightened to death of making further cuts due to the side affects I experienced.

Valium and Klonopin both give me severe panic attacks so I can not take either one so they are better to take as needed. It actually works much more optimally when taken here and there. I also used Yogi Kava tea 4 bags.

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Dr, took me off xanax ans put me on Ativan although I only take them to help me sleep at night but I do have anxiety attacts xanax was fast acting and I didnt have to take but once a day,rx for ativan says take it 3 times a day ,I dont need 3 times a day just wondering if the ativan will help with anxiety when taken as needed?

My adult daughter just moved home which has caused some problems but we have worked through them.

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You may need a higher dose. I have been on Ativan for the past 3 years straight. And do you think it would allow me to actually be able to relax and enjoy my holiday with my family?

Doctor gave me lorazepam for 3 months and then I stopped taking them. I recently had a panic attack Monday night, I was told. I have been on meds since April. I still have not Taken any Ativan.

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But when do lorazepam levels peak in the body? Right now I need to use it more. I told my psych that I dont take them often becuase I dont get much effect.

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