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So I'm reading this stuff, getting him to the vet tomorrow, and wondering what the right thing to do. A hit or miss approach with Pepcid is not the way to go. Should we administer it at night?

We feed him at when I get up, about am, again at 6: My chihuahua has a upset stomach what can I give him. My dog seems to keep having an upset stomach a couple weeks.

Seriously, I have to echo the comments made about the author.

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This morning, not so much. Although he's happy about reaching a settlement, Cooper admits the victory rang a little hollow due to the time he spent "watching my dog suffer for six weeks -- just a horrible death -- and feeling guilty because I'm the one that gave her the drugs.

After a year, she went into a decline and passed away, but during the time she was taking the medication, it gave her a new lease on life. I feed him 4 times a day and was also using Tagamet divided in the meals.

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I guess I assumed you were looking to try to do something tonight for your dog until you could get to the vet tomorrow. One of the less serious side effects seems to be upset stomach, so I was wondering if giving pepcid would be helpful. I am currently using it for my limping Golden Retriever, but on a very limitied basis. I did mention that the reaction could be from the Rimadyl or an upset stomach.

Today's Posts Advanced Search. And macadamia nuts can cause muscle tremors, weakness, vomiting and dangerously high body temperatures. This histamine blocker is frequently prescribed for acid reflux, ulcers, gastritis and other stomach problems. But, Monday morning she's got a tad of a limp again! Assuming this dog is 60 lbs, roughly the size of a pre-adolescent child, who would give such a child mg of ibuprofen?

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If finances allow, I would take him to the vet. He will be all. Dehydration is a worrying complication. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. He's taking methocarbamol, gabapentin, and tramadol. Which he claims will return in less than 12 hours.

It seems all they want is to experiment and make money doing so. The vet said to stop the meloxicam for a while, and start the pepcid he had been getting just one 10mg pill in the morning. Our dog seems to be showing symptoms of an upset stomach or.

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