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More Information on This Topic. A lower number suggests reduced kidney function. Stop Wrecking Your Teeth. An interaction is when a substance changes the way a drug works.

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Ceftin - cefuroxime axetil powder, for suspension; Ceftin - cefuroxmine axetil tablet, film coated. AlimaS June 18, Laryngitis Laryngitis is an inflammation of the voice box vocal cords.

Child dosage ages 0—2 months: Causes other than infection include smoking, excess coughing, GERD, and more. Thank you for sharing your feedback. User Reviews for Cefuroxime Also known as: How is a urinary tract infection UTI diagnosed?

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The pain and discomfort subsided days after beginning treatment. Understand Immunotherapy Painful Knees? To help avoid interactions, your doctor should manage all of your medications carefully. Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. A 1-day course is somewhat less effective but poses a lower risk for side effects.

What conditions does Cefuroxime treat?

You may need to decide whether to stop breastfeeding or stop taking this medication. Anonymous taken for less than 1 month March 10, Call for all medical emergencies.

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Cefuroxime is removed from your body by your kidneys. I guess I'll be heading back to the doctor this week!

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Symptoms and signs include cough, fever, shortness This diarrhea is caused by the organism Clostridium difficile. The Effects of Multiple Sclerosis.