How fast does aldara work on genital warts

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I think I may have genital warts!? This drug has truly saved me a lot of money and pain as I used to have to go through cut and stitch treatments.

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The information provided in MDJunction is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice. I am not expecting a reply since we don't want to beat a dead horse. Half of the people using the cream in studies reported that their warts completely disappeared within four months, and most people stayed wart-free for as long as three months after treatment. I started with one spot that looked like a pimple and with the cream came many more.

In an Emergency On-campus Resources. I have type 6, so Gardasil Protecting against types 6, 11, 16 and 18 will still help only for type 11 for me I also use selenium mcg daily and cimetidine mg 2daily. Aldara can take several months to work as it is, if it even works. Who wants to wait around for that, when it may not even work in the end.

I know that it's supposed to boost my immune system so that my body can fight off the infection, but besides making the warts go away, does it really get rid of HPV?

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Initially the cream caused the usual discomfort, burning, itching, chills, feverish. Yes, during treatment, the area of skin being treated can look bad but it has been worth it. I have two small genital warts on the area between my scrotum and anus.

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The whole idea of the drug is to ramp up an immune response in the area you apply it. I got insanely nauseous, my heart started beating fast like I was anxious, I started sweating and I almost passed out.

I have had warts for about fifteen years and I usually have them frozen, but I have heard there is a cream out now. You want them to dry up. At one point however, the guy to my dismay reached out and held my erect penis I can't even say it was a "stroke" Now I look down there and my confidence is back all thanks to this special drug. These procedures take place in hospitals or health care providers' offices.

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Otherwise, the area of lesions will be large and scary. When I did I got aches all over my body and it was so bad I needed Advil. HPV sort of meets the same test, but I know people can present differently. I was freaking out.

OK I have used Aldara per instructions for 12 weeks now.