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Will Effexor help symptoms of anhedonia, low mood, low motivation? By then, you will have a sense of how you are feeling. I will report back from the otherside, posthaste. I wonder if thats why he was so quick to refuse the stimulants. My primary care MD says it shouldn't be a problem because the Effexor would be a replacement med that should eliminate the withdrawal issuesit's in the same "family" as Cymbalta.

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Woes of Wednesday Check-in Posted by: These meds help acute depression, but what about for stable-ongoing low mood-anhedonia? I'm also a calmer, nicer, happier person. If you suspect bipolar 2, a good mood stabilizer would be lamotrigine Lamictal. It's very closely related to Effexor, just one molecule has been split to make Pristiq. I certainly never made that switch. I could still feel the anxiety and depression surfacing sometimes, if I had too much going on, or one of my teenagers helping me feel sooo good about my self as they do.

On this site I have been reading about the horrors of getting off Cymbalta. Respond to this Question Report Favorite.

I think it's worth waiting it out to give it a shot, and if it doesn't attenuate or go away, to plead with your pdoc for a stimulant. Join Date May Posts 1.

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Now I am weaning off cymbalta to effexor xr. I hope things go well for you.

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Pristiq is a brand new drug, and I had to get special permission from my insurance company to start it. I couldn't sleep, I stayed up until 4am and had sleep paralysis. One time I was 22 and knew I needed help so I went to a therapist and she gave me herbal pills and acupuncture. It helped me get out of a dead end life im Seattle with a BPD type you know how us codependants roll and move to California.

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That's just my experience anyway. Remeron goes well with Effexor too, but it'll make you sleepy you take it at night and make you hungry and gain weight. The Effexor didn't work for pain like cymbalta did but thankfully I'm doing better these days as far as the pain goes. It is epithelioid hemangio endothelioma.

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