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For Bipolar Disorder "As I've only been on the medication a week, don't take this review exactly to heart. For me it didn't, but then again, Lamictal seems to be fine.

Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Available evidence does suggest that rapid cycling as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders4th Edition Box 1describes a clinically specific course of illness that may require treatments different from currently used traditional drug therapies for nonrapid cycling bipolar disorder, particularly as no one agent appears to provide ideal bimodal treatment and prophylaxis of this bipolar disorder variant.

Posted February 24, Global Resource for Healthcare Professionals. Me and devilla are happy to hear this. Log in without password NEW! I guess I'll see if it works. I'm not sure whether she meant that was the view of psychiatry in general or whether it was more of her own view, but she's definately pushed hard to keep me on it. Posted February 22, I've never been on Tegretol before. What am I missing?

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Early spring is usually the worst period for me and this year it seems to be hitting even earlier. Maybe it is time to try Depakote? For a short while, I'll think I'm fine and then will have weeks of feeling awful. The person may experience severe irritability, anger, impulsivity, and uncontrollable outbursts. For Epilepsy "The XR seams better than the traditional form used in the 80s that resulted in sodium depletion. Since they spend more time depressed, they are often misdiagnosed with depression.

Articles on Types of Bipolar Disorder. This website uses cookies to deliver its services as described in our Cookie Policy. Does anyone know what I mean by this? Perhaps the Lamictal is actually making things worse for you.

Anelize did Lamictal do anything for you up to mg? It has calmed my mania down since I am rapid cycling. It has taken me from excruciating pain to dull soreness. I feel much more normal than before and I don't feel like I am going up or down anymore. Edited February 21, by synthetic. Ratings Reviews Compare Schizoaffective Disorder 9.

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